Mission Trip 2013

Here are details on our latest Mission Trip. On My 25 through June 1, 2013,
ophthalmologist Lee Klein, MD and certified surgical technologist Maria Felisa De Kler, CST,  
represented Fundación Panambi in Paraguay. They partnered with Fundación Vision, a
non-profit based in Paraguay, to provide cataract and pterygium surgeries to local indigents.
The team treated patients in Asunción and Filadelfia/Loma Plata, El Chaco
. The breakdown
of procedures is shown below.

Patients Procedure
Filadelphia/Loma Plata, El Chaco
31 Cataract
24 Pterygium (including one ammiotic graft implant)
10 Cataract
5 Pterygium (including two ammiotic graft implants)
70 Total Patients Treated

The 70 patients treated represents those who would not have otherwise had
surgical intervention due to a lack of financial resources.

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