Project C.U.R.E. Verification Trip Gallery

Asu Burgos & Adrian Gimenez host Project C.U.R.E. representative.

Dra. A. Samudio (R) with a donated ventilator

Equipment donated to mix chemotherapy 

IV pump donated to administer chemotherapy

Felisa carrying donated phoroptors with Ms. Linda (R).

Oca del Valle directors & Mr. R. White (R)

Mounted, donated phoroptors at Oca del Valle

A. Cubilla MD (L) logistics meeting at pathology clinic

Donated pathology equipment in operation

Felisa & Dr. Cubilla with donated equipment

Ms. Marta Bosio receives donation from Felisa of newborn garments for Fundacion Rosa Maria.

Ms. Bosio graciously hosted a lunch as we continued the verification site visits.

Traveling to Hospital de Tobati

Mr. White beside Mrs. Finastra

Donated hydraulic beds for Hospital de Tobati

Dra. Marly de Nizza, Felisa & Dr Ricardo Nizza

Donated equipment awaits completion of construction at Dr. Nizza's clinic

Donated hydraulic bed at Dr. Nizza's clinic

Nara Gimenez (standing) and family host Project C.U.R.E. in Ciudad del Este.

Future home of Fundacion Panambi Clinic in Yaguaron, Paraguay

Ms. Celmira Bay with donated incubator

Donated otoscope at Clyde E. Bay Foundation

One of many wheelchairs donated by Project C.U.R.E.

Fundacion Panami and Clyde E. Bay Foundation   thank everyone for supporting the arrival of the first Project C.U.R.E.-sponsored mission to Paraguay!!!

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